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ccgdesign's Journal

Card Games Design Community
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This is a Community for the creation of either your own CCGs or the creation of cards for currently existing CCGs. This isn't a Community for the discussion or creation of traditonal card games. Sorry but I'd like to keep the clutter down.

Games currently in production/discussion:
AniCom CCG

The Rules for this Community are pretty simple:

#1 Don't be a dick. This means repect other people, don't flame but also accept genuine critisism without exploding, don't be overly picky about spelling or grammar in non-rules related posts, you should know all of this by now.

#2 No drama. We all have personal journals, please leave your drama there. This also includes justifying idiocy due to drama.

#3 The Designer of a Game has Final say. If the game is a home brew and the person or persons who came up with it doesn't like your card idea, for whatever reason, don't drop the drama bomb. Ask for a reason why they aren't using it if you must but please don't become bitter about it and cause problems for other users.